American Chess Events Program
“Winners make habits of doing the things
that losers don’t like to do.”
The ACE program consists of a series of Pre-Treks, Master Treks, and Strategy Sessions. This program is designed for the serious scholastic player who wishes to take the opportunity to advance levels of play.

The Pre-Treks are geared towards the beginner to intermediate player, with ratings from Unrated to USCF 999. The Pre-Treks, along with the Strategy Sessions for this level, are for the player who wishes to accentuate his or her chess growth in order to become a more accomplished performer at scholastic tournaments in Arizona during the school year. The time control is G/30 (or in some Pre-Treks - G/40) which is consistent with time controls of the scholastic tournaments put on by the various chess programs around the state. Keeping score and using a clock are highly recommended.

The Master Treks are designed to facilitate the most rapid development in chess acumen by having the player play opponents at his or her skill level throughout the event. There are five levels: 700-999, 1000-1299, 1300-1599, 1600-1899, 1900 & up. In the Master Trek the participant is challenged each game, as opposed to the regular tournaments where a player might encounter one, or at most two, at his skill level during the tournament. The time control is G/60. The Master Treks, along with the Strategy Sessions for USCF rated 1300 and up, are for the player who wants to compete for the top awards at the State Championship as well as national tournaments put on around the country by the United States Chess Federation. The Master Treks are also for the player whose goal is to become a Master collegiate and/or professional chess player and/or instructor and coach. Keeping score and using a clock are required.

As you will notice, there is an overlap of level 700 - 999 in the Treks. This is because many players at that level are not integrated to that level and have not had experience playing the longer time control as that of the Master Treks. However, there are players who are at that rating level in reality and have had experience in the longer time control. There is no reason for the player who has not learned to overcome playing his game in, let's say 10 minutes, to play the Master Trek and have him and his parents waiting almost an hour and a half for the next round. Therefore, we give the player and the parents a choice as to which event would be more productive to participate in. It is beneficial to have an instructor/coach who knows the player to help him decide which event is better.The Treks are usually held in the Memorial Union on the campus of Arizona State University in Tempe. This venue is quiet and comfortable; most conducive for playing the game of chess.

The Strategy Sessions will focus on opening strategy, end game technique, and will be strong on tactics. There will be a blitz tournament at the end of each session.



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