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Effect of Chess and Study Skills Instruction on High School Achievement
- Gary W. Moore
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Secrets of School Success: What Every Student, Parent, and Teacher Should Know
- Gary W. Moore
  About the Book:
Middle school, high school, and college level students who have never been taught the HOW of being successful in school can use this book to succeed. Schools, teachers, and administrators also are seeking curricular programs that work to prepare students to be successful in either high school, the work force, or in college. With twenty years experience and research supporting [Secrets,] it is a timely solution for all students, parents, and schools searching for the keys to student success. Secrets of School Success provides the necessary tools to learn how to learn successfully.
  “Powerful, enlightening, empowering . . . Secrets presents a straightforward, easily implemented set of study strategies that will help all students improve their performance in any classroom setting . . . . I only wish I had this information years ago.” -Barbara Harrison, high school teacher and Reading Specialist  
  “Dr. Moore’s text is a powerful resource for parents, teachers, and students. The book covers critical information about learning and how to prepare students for both successes in school, as well as in life. Oftentimes, the concepts that are discussed are not taught in our formal system of education. As both a parent and educator, I found this book to be extremely helpful, practical, and enlightening.” -Jaime L. Porter, Instructional Specialist, Senior  


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